Nastyclient came from a life as a business owner.

CCF03252013_00000Here I am at 15 years old in August of 1994.  All I have to say is thank God for Hair Gel.  In 1991, I started my first business. This is when I began learning the Landscape Construction business with all its ups and downs of Entrepreneurship. With the exception of a 5 week summer program at a Vo-Tech school, I never took any Business or Landscape classes.  I enabled my company to survive and grow though many hard times including; multiple droughts, like the summer of “El-Nino”, and even the recent Recession of DSCN12552008.

Here I am at 33 years old in November of 2012.  Again, thank God for hair gel.  I started developing in 2009 because I was sick and tired of working for bad customers.  I was also annoyed at how small business owners are portrayed in the Media as “crooks”.  Only stories about little old ladies being taken advantage of are spammed through the media.  I know there are two sides to every story.  I also know the customer is NOT always right.


This website was built for my fellow small business owner and service providers.  We put everything on the line to start our businesses.  We dream of a day when our skills can provide us with a lucrative future.  It would only take a few customers that don’t pay their invoices to put most of us out of business.  Protect yourself from those clients.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring all small businesses together, by providing them with a nationwide screening service.

Our Goal

Our Vision is to change the way consumers all over the world treat small businesses. No longer will it be acceptable for a client to not pay, or try to negotiate the final balance of the job. We look to a day when a consumer thinks twice before they hold that last check over a business, while they ask to have other “little” things done for free. We may be considered Small Businesses, but together our voices are ENORMOUS!

Our Values

We ask that members state the facts and file only truthful reports.

Members have the ability, and are encouraged to update their reports to show their clients willingness to solve the problem. All reports and updates remain posted in order to create a working history on the client in question.

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