Top Stories

Our Top Stories page is a place for businesses to vent their anger and frustrations at the end of a bad day. Did a truck breakdown, an employee not show up, or was it just another crappy day? Don’t run around taking it our on your spouse or employees anymore! Let it fly right here. Please use NO names on this page! If we pick your bad story to be posted on this page you’ll win a $50 gift card.

Lowest bidder is nothing but trouble

By: Harleyrydr I did an estimate for a guy that I knew I should not have done.

There are still some nice clients

By: Slateroofer45 Finally an AWESOME client!

My employee drove me insane today!

By: Bricklayer1965

One of my employees didn't show up for work on Tuesday.

Last Minute Negotiation

By: UpsetGuy

I met these clients several times at their house. I did drawings and prepared estimates. They told me they would call me and let me know if I got the job. Months went by. They never answered their phone or called me back. One Saturday morning, I decided to drive over there and knock on their door. The husband said the wife wasn
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