The Process is Simple…..

…..The Benefits are Priceless

Writing a review is a FAST and FREE way to stand up for yourself

  • It only takes a few minutes to file a report and tell your story.
  • We NEVER share your personal info with anyone!
  • Your company or personal name is not displayed on the report.
  • Stick to the facts.  Don’t make assumptions or call names.
  • Reviews are edited for vulgar language before posting.
  • Keep your reviews honest and to the point.
  • Think of it as a credit score for your customers morals.

Review all of your customers and stop working for the bad ones

  • Type all of your clients names into the database.
  • Take the fear out of working for a new client.
  • Know ahead of time if they will pay late or if they will pay at all.
  • Decide who you do and do not want to work with based on facts.
  • Spend your time making money and getting more jobs.  Not tracking down late or unpaid invoices.
  • Stop doing estimates for people who are notorious “Tire Kickers”.
  • Your time is valuable, use it to make money!


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