It’s easy!

Do you have a client that owes you money?

How many times have you been thrilled to finish a job, because you couldn’t take one more day of working for that jerk?

What if there was a place where you could search all of your potential
clients by name to see how they’ve treated other businesses?

Wouldn’t life be a lot better if you don’t lose money anymore, because you don’t have the time or money to take them to court?





Post your Nasty Client…

Anonymously file a report and tell the entire story.  Filing a
report about your Nasty Client is the best way to warn other
businesses.  If it’s money that is owed to you, a printed out
report page can be used as a valuable negotiating tool.


Print out your report…

Think about it.  What do most consumers do when they are unhappy with a business, or they are trying to get something that is owed to them?  They tell that business they are going to file a complaint on Angieslist or with the Better Business Bureau.  More often than not the business reacts very quickly to resolve the situation, to avoid having a negative comment about their company on the internet. This is where turns the tables on the consumers. Once you have filed a report about your client we suggest you show it to them, and explain that they are posted on a site where businesses go to search all their clients.  Reassure the client that other businesses will likely fear working for them.  Once the client pays the money they owe you, the report will be marked “paid”.  You’re showing the client that you have a course of action, and that you will no longer take their abuse.


Check out a potential client before you work for them…

Why have we as business owners and service professionals done done this before?  We tell our kids not to talk to strangers. People ask us for references before they sign a contract.  So why is it that we start working for a total stranger with no idea of how they will treat us?  Don’t leave the office to do the first estimate without logging onto  It only takes about a minute, and you can do it while on the phone taking the clients info.  Just type their name into our nationwide database.  If another business has filed a report about them you’ll be able to read the entire story.  Think of all the potential headaches and lose of money that a quick search can save you.


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