Nasty Client Privacy Policy

Nasty Client, LLC1 is strongly committed to protecting the privacy of you, its subscribers and the users of this web site. In light of this commitment, Nasty Client adheres to the practices provided below and incorporates its general Terms and Conditions herein by reference.

Nasty Client does not disclose or sell any personal information about you without your prior approval, except as required by law and as requested by regulatory agencies and governmental authorities. We use the information collected on this web site only to provide you with services offered through the website. From time to time, Nasty Client may change its privacy policy, without providing you prior notice, but will make reasonable efforts to publish such changes on the website generally. Furthermore, Nasty Client adheres to strict security procedures to more fully protect your information.

Collecting and using personal information

When you submit personal information to Nasty Client, you are agreeing to permit Nasty Client, its subsidiaries, and its affiliates to access, store, and use the information wherever in the world Nasty Client and its subsidiaries and affiliates do business, both inside and outside the United States. In particular, Nasty Client may use your personal information for various business purposes, such as statistical analyses, generating surveys, doing market research, notifying subscribers of promotions, distributing information or reports to subscribers and improving its services to our subscribers, among other business purposes all in an effort to better serve and provide you with the best service available. YOUR FINANCIAL INFORMATION WILL NEVER BE RELEASED BY NASTY CLIENT FOR ANY PURPOSE OTHER THAN PROCESSING PAYMENT.

In some cases, Nasty Client’s web site provides links to other sites that collect personal information by and for other parties. In these cases, the personal information you provide on those sites is governed by the privacy policy of that site. Nasty Client does not assume responsibility for the actions of other parties. However, we will use reasonable efforts to maintain secure connections with you and limit access to databases containing your personal information to authorized parties, including our own employees, whose access to your information is on a need to know basis. As such, our employees are trained to protect your privacy.

Controlling Nasty Client’s use of personal information

Our web site is primarily intended for adults and not children under 18. Nasty Client will not knowingly collect personal information from children without the consent of a child’s parent or guardian, and will not knowingly use or disclose personal information collected from children for any purpose.

“Cookie” use

“Cookies” are small text files that are stored on your computer’s hard drive by a web site through your browser. “Cookies” enable a web site such as Nasty Client’s web site to keep track of your activities on that web site, and to improve your use of the site, such as by keeping track of your preferences. “Cookies” do not include any personal information. Additionally, you can change your browser settings on your personal computer so that “cookies” are not stored on your hard drive.

Disclosure to government

Nasty Client reserves the right to monitor and disclose, without your consent, any communications or personal information, whenever requested to do so by courts, government agencies or by law enforcement authorities.

Nasty Client will use reasonable efforts to address concerns you may have about your personal information. If you have any questions or comments about our Privacy Policy or this site in general, please contact us by:

Emailing us at:
Corporate Trademark Department
Nasty Client, LLC
148 E. Street Rd. Suite 120
Feasterville, PA 19053

1 Includes Nasty Client, LLC’s subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, employees and assigns.

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